Building God's Church God's Way

Our mission is to serve as a lighthouse in our community which reflects the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ. To provide a place where Christians may gather to study the Word of God, to fellowship, and have their spiritual needs met by those of like faith. We are committed to serve both our regular members and the host of guests we have on an annual basis.

Sunday School | 8:30AM

Sunday Worship | 10AM

Wednesday Bible Study | 6:30 p.m.


Park in Front of Church, Behind the Church or On the Left Side.  Handicapped spaces are available on the Left side of the Church with a covered drop off as well.  The Elevator is located just inside the downstairs door on the Left Side.  

General Adult Sunday School is downstairs in the Fellowship Hall, Yound Adults, Preschool to 2nd grade and Nursery are also on the 1st floor. Ladies' class, Youth, and Grades 3 & above are on the Second Floor. The Spanish speaking Sunday School Class is also on the Second Floor. Worship Sanctuary is Second Floor as well. See you soon!


Linger around and catch some hugs! Tell us where you are from - love you and want to meet you! If you are lucky there may be a goodie/snack or a cup of coffee in the fellowship hall where the Adult class meets!

Don't Be Late! but if you are....you may have to enter upstairs at the main entrance - all others are locked for security during services.

NURSERY and small Children checking in are required to pick up an 'emergency' pager from the staff.


Hearing devices are available for the hard of hearing.

We believe in order during the Worship service but feel free to praise, sing, lift your hands, kneel, cry, be yourself! We do usually have an alter call and allow you to go forward and pray or speak/pray with the Pastor. May the Holy Spirit guide our hearts and minds for worship!


Make sure we know you were here! Fill out a guest form (attached to the bulletin) We sincerely pray for all our visitors in general but we will also commit to pray for any special request you have - just write it on the form or tell one of our members!

Our Pastor and others will be there to greet you as you depart!